Solund is an Island community, counting about 1700 islands in total.

It is the westernmost municipality in Norway,  situated about 2 hours north of Bergen.

Here along the coastline of Solund you are at the westernmost point of Norway where the sky and the sea is in continuously change with new colors and moods every minute. The ever changing light ensures that the scenery never gets boring. Whether you idea of storm watching is to snuggle up with a hot drink in your hotel room and enjoy mother nature’s show from you window, or to seek out the elements on a headland, you are guaranteed an exotic experience.

Norwegian Coastal Culture Academy (NKKA) offers you guided hiking tours through authentic cultural landscape

You may also book our guides for a Kayak adventure.

We work closely together with Solund leilighetshotel, SolundMat (local food) and our taxiboat-owners, to make you stay as comfortable as possible.   

At the hotel you will find a restaurant with local food and specialties. Here you will find dishes with fish caught in the Atlantic sea surrounding the islands, or sheep from the traditional heatherlands, that is typical for this area. There is many hiking trails in Solund, suitable for everybody in all kinds of weather and conditions.






How to come here:

It's easy to reach Solund with express boat from Bergen, or choose self drive and ferry from Rutledal to Krakhella


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