Guided Kayak Tour Solund (3 hours)

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Fra NOK 800

Guided Kayak Tour,  3 hours



Join us for a kayak adventure in the magical area where the mighty Sognefjord meets the Northern Sea. Here, along the coastline of Solund, you are at the westernmost point of Norway!

Explore the outstanding nature of this area from your kayak, and let our qualified guides lead you trough islets and skerries, and a unique and distinctive geology. Solund is a small municipality where it is easy to get in touch with the locals, and in between the kayak paddles we recommend a walk in the village of Hardbakke. The area offers many examples of both old and new coastal culture, that is typical for Norway. 


This trip suits for everyone. No require of previous kayak experience. Tandem or single kayaks. 


Bring lunchpack ,snack and drinks. In general, dress for the weather, preferably wool or synthetic clothing that  keeps you warm even if you get wet. Bring suitable footwear, or use our paddle shoes. On colder days, you are welcome to use a wetsuit(without charge).



Fra NOK 800

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We mainly start out from our seahouse in Hardbakke harbour. If it is windy we might bring the boats on a trailer to a more sheltered area.


When you visit Solund a kayak tour is the best way to explore the landscape, following the tracks of  thousands of fishermen and -woman  who has always used the water as the main road. Our guide will help you managing the kayak and equipment if needed before taking you out on the water.. During this tour you will learn about local history, geology and wildlife.

  • Visit the westernmost municipality in Norway
  • Explore the unspoiled nature and the outstanding geology in the meeting point between the great Sognefjorden and the North sea.


  1. Hardbakke